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AOCRAS dedicates to improve clinical research by disseminating clinical research methodology and knowledge, and sharing state-of-the-art practical skills on clinical practices, through education.

Our Services

Our Missions

Advance education and scientific research of medicine and foster multidisciplinary collaboration by organizing educational activities, such as teaching and research programs, professional conferences, topic lectures, seminars, and workshops.

Publish newsletters and medical journal/s to serve educational, scientific and charitable purposes, so that to promote scientific research on the development of medicine, and to improve the public health.

Raise funds and receive contributions to set up trust funds to assist students and scholars who would not be able to fulfil their proposed studies or researches otherwise.

Organize and sponsor medical exchange programs, such as inviting medical scholars and doctors from other countries to the United States.


We aim to provide the best clinical research support and programs to aid in your success in your academic and career.



Help Us With Our Mission

We gladly accept sponsorship and donation to our forums and education programs. We appreciate your donation and we are organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes.

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